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Frequently Asked Questions
How to publish on Kotobee Books?
It’s a very simple and straightforward process; start by creating an account then press “Publish my ebook” and follow the steps there. When you’re done, hit “Publish” and that’s it.
What type of content can I publish on Kotobee Books?
You can publish ebooks in most genres. However, since some of our readers are below 18, we don’t allow for any adult content to be published on Kotobee Books.
Do I own the rights to my ebook?
You have all the rights to your ebook. Kotobee Books doesn't require exclusivity so you can publish your work anywhere else as you please. This is just another place to get discovered by thousands of Kotobee Books readers.
Can I update or remove my ebook after it's been published?
You have full rights to your work. You can update, modify or delete your ebook anytime you want.
Can I monetize my ebook on Kotobee Books?
Absolutely! We offer the highest royalties in the industry which is 100% on each ebook sale. Enjoy the benefits of maximizing your earnings while reaching thousands of readers worldwide.
How much does it cost to publish on Kotobee Books?
We don’t charge any publishing fees. So you can publish your ebooks for free on Kotobee Books.
Can I publish my ebook somewhere else? Or do you require exclusivity?
We do not require exclusivity. You are free to publish your ebooks on any other platform.
What languages does Kotobee Books offer?
The interface of Kotobee Books is currently available in English only. You can, however, publish your ebook in any language.
How do I protect my ebook when it’s published on Kotobee Books?
We provide DRM options on Kotobee Books.