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Kotobee Books

Where ebooks come to life!

Here at Kotobee, we believe that anyone with an idea to write about should have a way to do it and a place to publish it and share it with others. This is where the idea to create Kotobee Books came from; for writers of all types and genres to have a platform where they can publish their work free of cost, and have the means to easily share it with others as well as promote it whenever they wish.

Kotobee Books was created with both authors and readers in mind. We want everyone to fall in love with reading again, and that's why Kotobee Books was developed to support interactive (as well as static) ebooks, as interactive ebooks make the reading experience much more interesting and engaging. Readers can also enjoy a customizable reading platform so that everyone can be comfortable with the font size, the display, and the overall reading experience. There are also social share buttons inside the ebook apps and libraries to help authors easily promote and share their work with others.


Personal Library

  • Classify the ebooks that you’d like to read into different lists of your choice.
  • Download and read your favorite ebooks offline anywhere and on any device.

Reading Experience

  • Utilize font-size controls and zooming options.
  • Add notes to sentences or paragraphs.
  • Mark important sentences with colored highlights.
  • Look up difficult words on Google or Wikipedia.
  • Search inside any chapter or the entire ebook.

Reading Experience

  • Read ebooks on any device using Kotobee Reader, or read online on any browser.
  • With Kotobee Reader, ebooks are responsive and adapt to any screen size.